When Your Child is a Good Artist but…

My youngest son, who is in fourth grade, is an amazing artist for his age. (At least I think so). He has an attention to detail that I wish he had in other parts of his life too.  Being that he is only 9 years old, one of his favorite things to draw are the Five Nights at Freddie’s characters.  If you don’t know what they are, they are animatronics like the characters at Chuck E Cheese.  The ones he likes to draw, has all the wires and insides hanging out.  Or, he draws pictures like the green guy below.  But not all his drawings are scary characters.  He also draws amazing race cars, or a recent picture was a  very detailed picture of the sinking titanic.

I worry that in this day in age, others might look at some of his drawings and judge him for them since they can be scary in nature like our friend above.  Not everything is butterflies and roses.  Me, I encourage his passion.  We have purchased him sketch books, nice color pencils, and he even has use of a Wacom device for drawing on the computer.

I haven’t received any negative feedback from his teachers or anyone yet about his subjects.  I am hoping they see what talent he has as opposed to if it’s a scary image or not.  If the time comes, we will just support him as best we can.

I am hoping one day he can use his passion and talent for art and maybe he will write his own book, or do something as a graphic artist.  He has lots of time to make that decision.  Whatever he chooses, I hope he continues his hobby for art.

Here’s to all our young little artists.  Whether it be drawing, writing, music, whatever the case may be.  Keep encouraging them as long as they are interested.


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