To Print or Not to Print

Good afternoon friends, family and fellow bloggers!

Let’s talk about the pro’s and con’s of publishing and e-book vs. a paperback or both.  I have had so many friends, family and people I don’t even know who have been so supportive of me publishing my first e-book Landen’s Autumn Adventure  but on the flip side of that, I have had many people ask about getting a paperback book.  For many reasons, but the most common ones I have heard are they don’t have an e-reader, or they want a physical copy so I can sign it, or they want to give it as a gift to someone.

On one hand, I want to see how well the book does as an e-book before I invest all sorts of money having paperbacks made up.  What if not many people purchase the physical version and I am stuck with all these books?

On the other hand I get it.  I think I would reach more of my audience if I had the paperback version to offer them.  I could also donate some to our local schools and library.  I think there are just more options with the paperback version.

I am on the fence with this.  What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below.

Happy Thursday!

Below is a link to my all time favorite children’s book.

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